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The wing is similar to the one of RE 2000 and it's a metallic and cantilever wing.

As the fuselage is thinner, the wing wetted surface is higher.
It's composed by 5 parts:
- central section
- 2 half wings
- 2 wing tips

In more detail:
A - Central section
B - Half wings
C - Wing tips
D - Ailerons
E - Flaps

Note landing gear resting position (round details) and coolant radiators (squared details)

The wing is composed by:
- 4 wing spars (5 for prototypes)
- metal sheet wing ribs sections with holes for weight reduction
- wing top surface stiffened by corrugated metal sheet
- wing bottom surface stiffened by curled-stringers

The wing planform is elliptical (actually almost-elliptical) and:
- airfoil thickness is decreasing from centerline to tip
- biconvex asymmetric  airfoils
Central section of the wing of RE 2001
Half wing of RE 2001
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