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RE 2003

RE 2003 was a two-seater monoplane used for  reconnaisance purpose. The design was based on the RE 2002 concerning  wing and fuselage and the engine was from RE 2000.

Only two units were produced, one with fuselage and wing from RE 200 and the other one with fuselage and wing from RE 2002

Differences between RE 2003 and RE 2000:
Design of RE 2003 was based on RE 2000 with the following changes:
- two-seater
- canopy section of the observer was larger for better view
- 2 windows placed in fuselage for downward better view. It was integrated with target and deviation instrument
- antenna moved on canopy between pilot and observer
- rotating observer seat for fast movement
- wooden right foldable desk for observer morse transmitter
- small supplementary light for observer
- panoramic camera
- camera for pictures over land
- microphone
- 5 spars wing
- sealed tanks
- central bomb hook for 500 kg bomb or supplementary fuel tank
- wing bomb hooks for 50, 100 or 160 kg wing bombs
- oxygen system
- instrument panel for cameras
- protective glass mounted internally in canopy
- longer and covered exhaust pipes
- fuselage and wings derived from RE 2002 (for better weapons and independent fuel tanks)
- instrument panel from RE 2002

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