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In 1901 "Officina Meccanica e Fonderia Ing. Romano Righi e C." was funded by Mr. Righi and Mr. Menada in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

The company started to produce trains, increased its size and in 1904 changed its name into in "Officine Meccaniche Reggiane".

The company developed further and in 1913 had 2000 employees and changed the name in  "Reggiane Officine Meccaniche Italiane S.p.A.".
During WWI it produced also bullets and trailers for artillery.
In 1917 grew further up to 5000 employees.

The Reggiane factory in 1931

In 1918 received an order about the construction of 300 bombers Caproni 600 (Ca.5) but only 5 units were completed. During a storm the facility hosting the aircrafts collapsed destroying all of them.
After WWI the company went through crisis and tried to overcome it designing products for agricolture, mechanics, and industrial plants.

Ca.5 aircraft

In 1935 Mr. Caproni joined the board of Reggiane company and led the company to develop aircrafts and aircraft engines. Initially under license (aircrafts  SM.79, P32 bis, Ca.405, engines Piaggio PVII, PXI, Fiat A.74),
P.32bis                                                                  Ca.405                                                               SM.79
Fiat A.74

later by its own design, from RE 2000 to RE 2006 regarding aircrafts and from Re.103 to Re.105 regarding engines.

Re.103                                                                      RE2005

In 1941 the company reached its maximum size of 11200 employees.
The city of Reggio Emilia and the industrial area

At that time Reggiane was the 4th biggest company in Italy.

Between 7th and 8th January 1944 the company was completely destroyed by heavy allied bombings.

After 1945 the company stopped aircraft production and worked only in the fields of plants, trains and cranes production. Cranes are still produced nowadays.
Aircrafts built:

- Ca.5: 5
- P32bis: 1
- Ca.405: 2
- SM.79: 405
- RE 2000 total: 350
  - of which prototypes: 1
  - of which figher version: 5
  - of which long range version: 12
  - of which carrier based: 10
  - of which for Swedish Air Force: 60
  - of which for Hungarian Air Force: 71
  - of which produced in Hungary under license: 191
- RE 2001: 237
  - of which RE 2001 Delta: 1
  - of which RE 2001 CN produced in Predappio: 10
- RE 2002: 251
- of which produced in Taliedo: 60
- RE 2003: 2
- RE 2005: 32
- RE 2006: 1

Engines built:

- Piaggio PVII: 1231
- Fiat A.74 RC.38: 1722
- Piaggio PXIbis: 1121
- RE.103: 2

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