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RE 2007

The story of RE 2007 still has many open points.
According to Mr. Longhi, reggiane decided to start to design and build a jet fighter, instead of the second prototype of the RE 2006: the RE 2007.
Some documents were created after the war,  like a 3-views drawing and a fuselage section dated October 1943. The  creator, Mr. Cometti, stated that he designed them after WWII.

The  problem that slowed down the design was the difficulty to get  information about the german engine Jumo 004. Another problem was to  find an engine unit.

Mr. Longhi wrote a  letter to  count Caproni on 7th January 1944 asking for support to find an engine.  That letter was written on paper used by Reggiane in 1937, so that  document could be made during WWII.

According to Mr. Longhi,  after the factory was bombed, Mr. Longhi moved some designers to Palazzo  Toschi in Reggio Emilia and the production of RE 2007 to the gym in  Correggio (RE) (where the prototype of RE 2006 was being built).

Mr. Longhi stated that the aircraft was ready at 70% by Fall 1944. Mainly fuselage and wing.
The parts were then moved to Taliedo on 12th October 1944. Later they were taken by Allies.

Main features of RE 2007 were:
- jet engine
- negative dihedral
- swept wing
- low drag airfoils

According to a new intelligence document found in american archives and dated 10th sept. 1943, at Reggiane a development on jet powered aircrafts was ongoing.

RE2007 of 1945

Just to increase the confusion around the various models, a detailed report from Mr. Alessio, supported by Mr. Longhi, from Reggiane dated January 1945, gives an overview to what the future of transports will look like. Three type of aircraft are proposed:
-RE8000 - big overseas seaplane
-RE2006 - aircraft for mail delivery
-RE2007 - aircraft for mail delivery and passenger transport

The picture (source: internet) shows a wind tunnel model of RE2007. The aircraft was powered by a piston engine featuring 1500 HP and increased wing are from 20 to 26 m2. It could carry 2 pilots, 6 passengers and 100 kg mail.
Also Mr. Govi talks about these aircrafts in his books but they are called as follows:

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