Reperti - Reggiane fighters

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RE 2000: Linkoeping (S)

RE 2000 Portovenere (Courtesy of Mr. C. Ferrari)

RE 2000: Trento, fuselage+central wing section (from the website preserved axis aircraft)
RE 2001:  Lecce, AMI

RE 2002: Lecce, AMI

RE 2002: Lyon (F), fuselage (from the website preserved axis aircraft)

RE 2002 near Corfu island (photo C. Simatis)
RE 2005: Trento, aft-fuselage

SM79: Vigna di Valle (according to some sources it's not a Reggiane produced unit)

SM79: Trento
SM79:  libian deserto


Fiat A.74RC38 Reggiane, Trento

Fiat A.74RC38 Reggiane, Macchi MC200, Air Force museum

- RE2000 - J20 tail section, Museum Ängelholms, Sweden (Photo courtesy of Mr. Ohlsson)

- RE2000 tail horizontal stabilizer, Federighi collection, Pisa (Italy)

- RE2000 hungarian, part of wing (courtesy and collection Mr. Denes Bernad)

- Héja horizontal tail stabilizer (courtesy of Mr. G. Punka)
- Héja engine cowling (courtesy of Mr. G. Punka)
- Héja plate (courtesy of Mr. G. Punka)
- RE 2001: Landing gear (Italian Air Force museum, Vigna di Valle)
- RE2001 Engine throttle and propeller pitch control (courtesy of Mr. Fontana)

- RE2001 Fuselage section (courtesy of Mr. Fontana)  

- RE2001 Cabin panel (courtesy of Mr. Fontana)
- RE2001: Alfa Romeo propeller (University of Bologna, Forlì)
- RE2002: flight control stick (courtesy of Mr. Melley)
- RE 2005 (or RE 2002): Wheel (Riatti)
- RE2005: wing edge (GAVS Lombardia)

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