Overview - Reggiane fighters

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Radial engine powered
RE 2000
RE 2002
RE 2003
Inline engine powered
RE 2001
RE 2005
RE 2006
Jet engine powered
RE 2007

The first aircraft that was created was the RE 2000, single wing airrcraft, with metallic frame and powered by a radial 14 cylinders engine.

From that aircraft  two aircrafts were developed almost at the same time: the RE 2002, equipped by a more powerful radial engine, and the RE 2001 with a V12 engine.

The Re2003 was the two-seats version of the RE 2002 (the first prototype was a modified RE 2000 though).

The Re2005 was designed from the RE 2001 but replacing the power unit by the more powerful DB605 V12 engine.

Only one unit of the RE 2006 was built, designed to host a DB603 engine. It didn't have the chance to fly.

The RE 2007, the fighter with jet engine, is still an open point nowadays. Mr. Longhi always claimed that the design was ongoing during WWII. Some documents are post-war. Only one document, at the moment seems to be from the WWII period.
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