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RE 2005

Designed in 1941, it was flown for the first time on 9th May 1942.

Less than one year later it joined hard combats against allied bombers and fighters.

The units produced were limited to a number of 32 (plus 5 not or nearly completed)

Even though, it had outstanding features regarding:
- weapons (3x20 mm and 2x12.7 mm)
- highly maneuverable, also at high altitude
- very high dive speed (980 km/h)

It was suffering from tail oscillations related to flutter oscillations.
That problem was solved with a different setup of the elevator trimmers.

Nowaways no unit survived. The biggest remained part is the  aft-fuselage.

Main changes from RE 2001:
- Airfoils (NACA23009 and 0015 instead of N38R)
- Engine (DB605 instead of DB601)
- Landing gear (closing laterally outwards instead of longitudinally backwards)
- Weapons (3x20 mm and 2x12.7 mm instead of 2x12.7 mm and 2x7.7 mm)
Aft-fuselage at Caproni museum in Trento

Technical data
Flight tests
Details of single units
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