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RE 2001 - "FALCO II"

Designers started to consider to adopt an  inline water cooled engine in order to achieve a better aerodynamic  performance, thus higher speed.

Reggiane decided to design the  RE 2001 from the RE 2000, powering it by the new german engine, the DB601,  later also produced under license in Italy by Alfa Romeo.

First flight took place on 25th July 1940.

Tests  performed by Regia Aeronautica showed positive results and it was then  used in combat actions over Malta and against ships (including the  attack to the Victorious carrier in the battle of mid-August in 1942).

Regia Aeronautica slowed down the development of the Re2001 because of the many changes and variants  requested.

Variants were mainly:
- torpedo, RE 2001G
- night fighter, RE 2001CN
- ship-borne, RE 2001OR
- with camera, RE 2001 fotografico
- with delta engine, RE 2001 delta
- fighter bomber, RE 2001 CB
- fighter, RE 2001 caccia
and others.

RE 2001 under restoration at Galatina (LE)

Only one unit survived and is currently being restored by A.M.

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