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Let's go through the famous letter in which Mr. Longhi talk about the RE 2007 with count Caproni. This document is the only one that appears to be compatible with that period.
1 - Letter head
- Capitale sociale: 42500000. Initially Mr. Govi states that this document was not made on 7th January 1944 but after the war (see "Reggiane dalla A alla Z") as the "capitale sociale" in 1944 was 100000000. Later Mr. Govi confirms it could have been made before the war but in the period 1934-1935 (private letters)

Actually that letter head was used at least until 1937 (document at Reggiane archive at university of Reggio).

- Words "Silos" e "Containers": foreign words could not be used in 1944 as it was required by fascist laws.

Those words are on the paper from 1937

2 - "...gia' in lavorazione a Correggio" ("...already under development in Correggio")
Mr. Govi checked this statement with Reggiane designers and Mr. Longhi closest assistants (Mr. Pozzi, Bergonzi, MAraschini, Boldrini) but nobody knew anything about Re.2007. Mr. Boldrini, that could access the gym in Correggio and took the Re.2006 to Milano, didn't take any component with him to Milano, as Mr. Longhi stated in an another document.

3 - "Lionello"
According to Mr. Govi it was dangerous in that period to write a partisan name.

4 - "repubblichini"
According to Mr. Govi this term was used later.
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